Q: Impact windows standard sizes

Q: Impact windows 36 x 36

Q: Impact windows 36 x 48

Q: Impact windows 24 x 36

Google’s Answer: “These too come in sizes ranging from 2436 to various larger sizes. Specifically, window widths start at 24 inches going up to 48 inches. Heights range from 36 to 72 inches.”,from%2036%20to%2072%20inches.

Smash City Pro’s Answer: 

Here’s the deal: are you going to save money with a standard size impact window? The answer is no.

All windows are custom ordered now. No companies will “stock” windows anymore. The reason is because of the codes, laws, and regulations in Florida that must be met for the opening to be considered impact. It must be installed, measured, and ordered correctly in order to do its job under distress, which is how it earns the title “impact window”. Because of the high demand for impact windows, it is more efficient and saves costs for manufacturers to make everything by custom order from a supply chain perspective. 

I relate this idea to a sandwich shop. You go in to get a sandwich and they are all custom-made, not pre-ordered. You approach the counter and ask for a particular type of bread, meat, cheese, veggies, sauces, and so on. Similarly, window manufacturers have all the components ready to go, then the customer tells them exactly which components they want for their window.

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