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Q: Impact doors cost

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Google’s Answer: “Between $2400 and $3000. Overall, the cost of installing an impact door in a popular style, without custom orders or expensive material choices, should end up costing between $2400 and $3000. Complications, labor shortages, and custom orders can cause these numbers to climb significantly, however.”,numbers%20to%20climb%20significantly%2C%20however.

Smash City Pro’s Answer: The average cost of impact doors is nearly impossible to accurately say without measurements and types of doors. Here is what I can tell you, though: the average sliding glass door (say 72 inches by 80 inches), with two panels is going to be roughly $5,000. That includes labor, permitting, removing, and replacing. That price will go up based on the type of door and its options, but that is a safe estimate.

For French or swing doors, there will be a massive variance. It will be primarily based on your preferences, whether that’s composite, vinyl, or aluminum. There are more than 18,000 options on one of these doors that factor into the price.

I wish we could give out exact prices online or over the phone, but the reality is that each variation and installation method will impact the price. For example, having to take the largest piece of panel (roughly 500 pounds) up five flights of stairs will be a different struggle of installation and change the price.

The best step forward is to call a company to come out on site and assess the specific situation, which doesn’t cost you anything. Picking a manufacturer to meet your needs will have the biggest impact on how much the doors will actually cost.

At Smash City, we’re more than happy to help you through this decision. It only takes 15 to 20 minutes to show you your options, navigate through the process in a super low-pressure environment, and price out one of these doors. Because you’re only likely to buy windows and doors once or twice in a lifetime, every job has an inspection and outside accountability to get the job done right.

It may be the right time for you to replace your windows and doors. But how do you know? And how do you choose the best option for your home?

Selecting the right replacement windows or doors can be challenging. Many people find themselves chasing down estimates or sifting through product catalogs when they should be enjoying the benefits of new doors and windows inside their home, such as aesthetics and functionality, noise reduction, and desired natural light.

Our purpose at Smash City is to show you the true strength of impact windows and doors. We want to show you the benefits of what impact products can be to you and your home. We see first-hand how powerful impact products are and how fragile the windows and doors in your home are now.

If you haven’t upgraded your windows already fill out our form and let us help you. Send us your quotes and we can compare them for you.