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Google’s Answer: “Impact Windows have an average cost of $1435, with 70% of prices falling between $800-$2445. Sliding glass doors have an average cost of $6140, with 70% of prices falling between $4200-$8230.”

Smash City Pro’s Answer:

If we break it down into two segments, one is a very basic answer and one is analytical (for all my analytical guys and gals). 

First, the basic answer. Impact windows will cost you anywhere from $1,200 to $2,200 per window. Included in that cost is permitting, ordering, measuring, removal of the old windows, and installation. Based on how big your windows are and their style and configuration, the prices can go up and down.

These are industry averages. If you have a huge window way outside the norm, that could cause it to increase in price up to $20,000. If you are just starting the process and have no idea how much impact windows cost, a good estimate to budget for is about $1,800 per window.

When you are in the beginning stages of window and door replacement, the team at Smash City is more than happy to have a conversation to help introduce you to it and determine what is the best brand, make, and model for your family. We are a very laidback, family-owned company that does not mind coming out at no cost to you to give you a quote. This way you know exactly what you’re looking for, if it’s something you want to finance or pay cash for, etc. 

Right now, 12 months at 0% interest is our most popular plan that prevents you from putting down a hefty down payment.

The other side of the equation, that people don’t typically understand or experience, is that the cost of windows and doors goes up every single year. In 2021, there has already been two price increases and there are talks about being a third, which is unheard of. However, the demand for impact products in Florida has gone up so much that it’s pushing costs forward. If you are preparing how much to budget, you can save money by purchasing sooner rather than later. At the very least you can expect one price increase per year. 

The best/least expensive time to purchase is always yesterday.

Now, here is the nerdy answer: The cost of the window is determined by its size. To use an analogy, glass is like ice. If you have a huge lake that freezes over and you want to skate on it, you would want that ice to be extremely thick in older for it to hold up. If it is a smaller surface area, the ice doesn’t have to be quite as thick because it’s more dependent on the edges and has more support.

Glass and windows are the same. As the commodity sizes increase, so does the thickness and density of the glass, and therefore the prices increase faster. 

A bigger window is also priced higher because manufacturers won’t sell as many of them as smaller windows. The manufacturer has to pay the same amount to test every window and make sure it meets codes and certification, so a bigger window that sells less often will cost more to test and will be sold at a higher premium.

It may be the right time for you to replace your windows and doors. But how do you know? And how do you choose the best option for your home?

Selecting the right replacement windows or doors can be challenging. Many people find themselves chasing down estimates or sifting through product catalogs when they should be enjoying the benefits of new doors and windows inside their home, such as aesthetics and functionality, noise reduction, and desired natural light.

Our purpose at Smash City is to show you the true strength of impact windows and doors. We want to show you the benefits of what impact products can be to you and your home. We see first-hand how powerful impact products are and how fragile the windows and doors in your home are now.

If you haven’t upgraded your windows already fill out our form and let us help you. Send us your quotes and we can compare them for you.