Argon gas/low-e/UV protection

Q: Impact windows with argon gas

Q: Impact windows with low e

Q: Impact windows with UV protection

Google’s Answer: “Anatomy of an energy-efficient window: Quality Frame Materials: A variety of durable, low-maintenance framing materials reduce heat transfer and help insulate better. Multiple Panes: Two panes of glass, with an air or gas-filled space in the middle, insulate much better than a single pane of glass.”

Smash City Pro’s Answer: 

The energy efficiency of a window relies of four main elements: the frame material, the glass makeup, low-e coating, and the argon gas in the air space.

  1. Frame material: The most energy efficient frame material by far is a vinyl product. In particular, a white vinyl product. If you go with a dark vinyl product, you will attract more sunlight which heats the window a little more. White vinyl is the best bang for your buck. At Mister Window, white vinyl is the least expensive product we offer and is less expensive than a white aluminum window.
  • Glass makeup: The glass makeup on an impact window when compared to either older windows (single pane glass) or newer windows (double pane glass), has four pieces of glass and a laminate interlay. Technically, you have five layers between the inside and outside of your home instead of one or two. 

Two pieces of glass sandwich together one piece of laminate, creating a large, dense piece of impact glass. That is going to be the strength and backbone of your window. To be the most energy efficient, you need that impact piece of glass on the interior portion of the unit. The other piece of glass on the exterior is often referred to as a “sacrificial piece of glass”. This term is not accurate whatsoever. The purpose of the exterior glass is to create an air space that breaks down the heat and UV rays from the sun. By the time it reaches the interior piece of glass, it is then reflected back out by a reflective layer called low-e coating. 

  • Low-e coating: This coating is designed to reflect the heat and UV rays back to the outside of the house, not allowing the elements to penetrate into the home. You’ve probably seen the astronauts that have a gold face mask when they’re facing the sun. The reason that gold is so predominant is because gold is the number one reflector of UV rays and heat from the sun. Gold is not used for windows because its commodity is not as widely available as silver, which is what low-e coating is made of. 

The most commonly used low-e coating is “low-e 366”, meaning there are three layers of silver applied and that metallic coating will have significant energy benefits. It also causes a greenish hue on the window which indicates that the window is a new, energy efficient, and likely impact window.

  • Argon gas: Argon gas has an energy efficiency element to it because it is denser than air. In laymen’s terms, argon gas is like a cloud that will not deteriorate or change shape because it is contained in an air space. Similar to a cloud in the sky, if the sun is behind it, it will create shade and keep out the sun’s rays. The only difference is that argon gas does not have a color or haze to it. It is clear, clean, and catches many of the sun’s direct UV rays.

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