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Q: Are impact windows required in Florida

Q: Where are impact windows required in Florida

Q: Are high impact windows required in Florida

Q: Impact windows Florida 

Q: Are impact resistant windows required in Florida

Google’s Answer: “A common question among Florida property owners is “Are impact windows required in Florida?” The short answer is no. However, when it comes to replacing or installing new windows and doors, the Florida Building Code has very specific requirements as to what is acceptable.”,as%20to%20what%20is%20acceptable.

Smash City Pro’s Answer

Impact windows are required based on your location’s proximity to hurricane conditions and the history of hurricanes in the area. Impact windows are required because of harsh elements.

You will see impact requirements along coast lines in the United States, and the strictest guidelines are in South Florida. This is considered Miami Dade standard. If you replace windows in your home, you MUST replace them with hurricane impact products unless you have hurricane shutters that are rated for the most up-to-date codes and regulations.

However, hurricane shutters are one of the largest misconceptions of code regulations. If you have hurricane shutters from 1999, they do not meet today’s new codes. This is where you have a couple of options:

  • Buy non-impact windows and new shutters
  • Buy impact windows

Purchasing impact windows is the more popular option because of the year-round, 24/7 benefits you get, not only from storm protection but also for security against break-ins, protection against heat, and meeting thermal energy codes.

On top of that, if you were to purchase regular non-impact windows and add storm shutters, the cost would end up being more than if you had gotten all impact windows to begin with. 

Essentially, there are absolutely no downsides to buying impact windows. They are always working for you to keep heat, predators, or elements of a storm out of your home and are likely required if you live in a high velocity hurricane zone (HVHZ).

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