Q: Can impact windows be tinted

Q: Impact windows with tint

Google’s Answer: “Hurricane windows are actually multiple layers of glass, with an exterior and interior pane. One of the myths associated with window tinting and impact glass is that applying the tint can cause the windows to retain heat and shatter. But, due to the air pocket within impact glass, this is never the case. In fact, in most cases, adding tint to your impact windows is a perfectly safe and sometimes practical option for homeowners.”

Smash City Pro’s Answer:

Alongside the required codes and regulations, people often ask if they can “tint” their impact windows. Glass is no longer tinted but rather mixed in to actually change the color of the glass.

If you tint an impact window, you could compromise the integrity of its benefits. Sun and light are attracted to dark objects, so if you darken the window, it’s just going to get consistently hotter. When it gets hotter, it heats up the frame past the point that window has been approved and tested by the manufacturer.

Before you get your impact windows, make sure you know if you want the glass tinted or not. If you do want a darker window, the glass color itself needs to be changed rather than actually adding a tint.

Tinting used to only be used in a heat or thermal controlled setting. However, tinting of windows nowadays has very little impact on the efficiency of the windows. In fact, in some cases it will actually make the windows less efficient. 

If you are looking for the best heat solution, you want to use what is called a low-e coating. A low-e coating consists of layers of liquid silver that reflect the sun’s heat and UV rays like a mirror. It is often asked why new windows have a green hue to them, and it is because of this low-e coating.

If you simply want privacy on your windows, you can use a tint. If you are looking for thermal heat gain or energy efficient solutions, do not tint the glass. Instead, have the glass itself changed by mixing the color into the glass rather than adding a layer of tint.

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