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Google’s Answer: “Purchasing hurricane impact doors from a certified installer is always a superior option than buying from a big box store or trying to install it by yourself. These professionals understand how to install your door right the first time to ensure it will last for many years.”


Smash City Pro’s Answer:

The real question we’re answering here is, “What is the most efficient way to buy impact doors and windows and install them in my house?” 

At the end of the day, this is a big investment for your home, so it may seem logical to buy from a big box company like Home Depot, Lowes, or other online retailers that are selling for what appears to be a decent amount less.

However, there are significant downfalls to purchasing your impact doors and windows from a big box store. 

The average crew at big box retailers won’t stick around for more than a year and a half. A huge challenge with these retailers is that there is no one to call when you need someone to service your doors and windows. Impact products are very complicated with more parts and elements involved than others, so they do occasionally require servicing. 

You don’t want to get stuck paying tons of money for new doors and windows and not have anyone to call who can provide service or warranty work.

On top of that, the reason you’re able to put the word “impact” in front of your windows and doors is because of how they are installed. They must be measured within an eighth of an inch to be installed properly so that when the products are tested for hurricane winds, break-ins, summer heat, and more, you can be sure they will do the job.

All of the big box retailers use subcontractors that are paid on piece rate, meaning the more products they install and the faster they go the more money they will make. Frankly, that is a terrible model, especially when you have to hold them accountable for quality, accuracy, and satisfaction.

At Smash City, we make sure you are covered in all of these areas. When you use us, you NEVER pay for service and you always go to the front of the line. We will shock you simply by doing what we say we do. There is only one call you will ever need to make again for your windows and doors.

Not to mention, we’ve been (properly) installing windows and doors since 1977 and it is the reason your home is secure. We invest in our team and have a no subcontractor guarantee — we don’t incentivize them to do the job fast, we incentivize them to do it well. We take pride in our craftmanship and look to impress you just as we have with the thousands of other customers we’ve served to date.

It may be the right time for you to replace your windows and doors. But how do you know? And how do you choose the best option for your home?

Selecting the right replacement windows or doors can be challenging. Many people find themselves chasing down estimates or sifting through product catalogs when they should be enjoying the benefits of new doors and windows inside their home, such as aesthetics and functionality, noise reduction, and desired natural light.

Our purpose at Smash City is to show you the true strength of impact windows and doors. We want to show you the benefits of what impact products can be to you and your home. We see first-hand how powerful impact products are and how fragile the windows and doors in your home are now.

If you haven’t upgraded your windows already fill out our form and let us help you. Send us your quotes and we can compare them for you.