Q: How are impact windows installed

Q: How to install impact windows

Q: Impact windows installation

Google’s Answer: “To install your hurricane impact windows, first separate the existing window from its frame and put it to the side. Next, dry fit the assembled impact windows into the opening of the frame. Dry fitting will ensure proper size and operation before you apply any sealer or caulking.”

Smash City Pro’s Answer:

There is no canned answer for how to install an impact window. Each manufacturer and each window made by that manufacturer depending on style, size, shape, variation, and more has specific installation instructions.

The installation of impact windows is incredibly important because the way a window is installed in order to install a window properly, you not only need to know how to install it according to the instructions it comes with, but how to measure it to fit the opening.

Basically, the installation of windows is what allows them to protect against hurricanes, break-ins, and other impacts. Any strength you get from that window is dependent on how it is installed. 

There are a lot of areas where companies can short-change you, especially now when supply materials are so expensive compared to previous years. There are good, better, and best materials that are associated with installation. It’s very important the highest level of material is being used because these windows are meant to last a lifetime. You wouldn’t want to have to go back and redo the supporting details behind the scenes after the window has been installed. 

Unfortunately, consumers won’t know if a window is installed properly until it is tested against the elements (wind, water, debris, etc.). That is why Smash City takes pride in standing behind their installation for life and using only the best material that will outlast the window itself. 

The above is a semi-generic answer surrounding the specific question, but in order for us to get detailed on the installation we need to see the opening and the surroundings. This is why you should use a company that has been around for 44 years, is time tested, and has proven results. 

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